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Have a song that you despretly want 8-Bitified? A comission costs five dollars and ensures that I will cover it. All that is needed is five dollars and a Midi Arrangement of your desired song! Email me at with the title, and MIDI file, after your purchase has been made. (Yes, I'll send you a free copy, but it'll also be released as a single for $1.00)
Shipping details will simply be discarded and ignored, as I don't need them, the only thing I require is payment, although I do require that you email me, so that I can send you the file.

  $5 USD or more 



8 Bit Infinite Illinois

8 Bit Infinite is an avid gamer and writer. Feel free to contact him below, if you have any requests, although if you want your request guaranteed to be fulfilled, try a commission.

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